Wordless Wednesday: You Are What You Eat!

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Breastfeeding leaves ZERO carbon footprint! 
You Are What You Eatapplied here means 
You are growing the mind, heart and body of the love of your life from what you eat.” 
Choosing to breastfeed means making the most healthful, natural nutritional choice for your baby. 
Why not take the next step and make the same choice for yourself- 
the body supplying the nutrition you’re seeking for your little one?  
Food for thought…

How many ways are you supporting Monsanto poisoning your body & kids with YOUR hard earned paychecks?
Are there local options you can switch when it comes to buy next?

Scary, huh? Remember- the list is huge because the corporation is huge. Thinking you can’t make a difference is exactly what they want- ignorance and passivity is how the Holocaust happened. 
Huge, wretched people can make sweeping, fatal moves 
if we let go of or forget our power & stand idly by. 
We have a Right to Know what is in our foods!
Californians, support Proposition 37.
Check out Natural News for more information on Monsanto and GMOs
and click here to find out more about factory farming & the state of the food industry.

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  1. FANTASTIC!! πŸ™‚ I'm your newest follower! So glad I was making my weekly Wordless Wednesday rounds and found you! πŸ™‚ I seriously think my husband and I make some kind of comment about Monsanto every day! That's a great list to share! I'm also a breastfeeding mom. Our youngest is 26 months and still nursing! πŸ™‚


  2. This is such an important issue, glad to see it covered on wordless Wednesday. I have been trying to get more involved in the "Just Label It" campaign. It is absurd that we do not have a way to know whether GMOs are in the food we feed our families. Awareness is so important!


  3. Love your posts! Wow, I can't believe so many companies use their products. Kind of hard to boycott a company that supplies almost every mainstream food corp! Something definitely needs to change.


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