International Day of the Midwife and the One Girl Revolution

Although for some reason, Americans tend to celebrate Cinco de Drinko on May 5th, (and hardcore Star Wars nerds follow up “May the 4th Be With You” with “Revenge of the 5th”) there is another International celebration much more near and dear to my heart:The International Day of the Midwife.

What prompted to me write my first post was an impassioned view on birthing (ignited by my first birth 10 years ago) while waiting to give birth to my now 5 month old son. While honestly, it’s the weekend… I have five kids, it’s hot, my 5 month old didn’t sleep last night and my brain is fried and I don’t necessarily need to “work”… I’m here. Because I really, really care. If you come away with anything, think about this few things:

  • America is one of the only countries where midwifery is not the standard for of care for pregnant women and well-woman care.
  • Before the modernization of hospitals over the last 60 years, Every. Single. Birth. EVERYwhere happened at home. Your grandma was born at home, homie. And she probably didn’t even burn her bra.
  • Obstetric means, “To stand in front of, impede, to block”, while
  • Midwife means, “With Woman”

Every woman should have the right to choose how she feels is the best way to (safely) bring her baby into the world. When you make those choices, do you want someone to impede or be with you in your birth choices?

The Business of Being Born is probably the single most effective tool in the media today providing accurate information about midwifery care. If you are interested, you can view it in its entirety here.

I am doing my own part in creating awareness for midwifery care, as well as all kinds of other birth choices via  #birthstrong ; a birth story sharing page written by, for and about mothers, strengthening the tie that binds us all. There are no rules or deadlines- each mother, baby & birth are unique. The point is in sharing knowledge and celebrating our individuality as mothers. There is a lack of information out there- I’m doing my part to help. (Despite my groggy state. Someone bring me an iced latte…) Will you (please! <– see me using my polite words?) join me?

(Update: as the blog is in transition, so is the BirthStrong linky listing. Please be patient and start working on writing your birth story to share. It’s never too late!)


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